Scoring Competition

Michio is participating in the Westworld Scoring Competition 2020.

This is a competition announced by HBO and Spitfire Audio, where the music for a film sequence from the 3rd season of Westworld had to be composed and produced.

Good luck to all participants and thanks for the great opportunity!

Please keep your fingers crossed! Here is my entry:

Touring Germany-Russia

The Cooperativa Maura Morales is very much looking forward to showing the solo piece “Exceso de la nada” on October 3 and 4 in St. Petersburg and feels honored to represent the dance section of our state capital with the same piece during this year’s “Düsseldorf Days in Moscow” from October 10 to 13. In Germany, the piece will again be shown on 24 October at the Schwankhalle in Bremen and on 26 October at the Eintanzhaus in Mannheim.

Michio in Russian TV

The Russian television reports on the piece КОЖА, a commissioned work that Maura Morales created for the contemporary dance company “Provincial Dances Theater” in Yekaterinburg, Russia, for which Michio composed the music.